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To start receiving dividends, you no longer need to study the technical details of trading. All ALFATRUST clients have access to profitable deals from experienced traders. Earn on the best.

3 confident steps instead of unnecessary information:

Decide on a product that is interesting to you, a strategy, goals and suitable conditions during a consultation


Register your Personal Account and top up your account on the platform in a convenient way for you


Choose the certified manager that suits you and get guaranteed payments in a month

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Trade result

1 100 598 USD

Managed value

1 146 854 USD


Q3 2019 - Q3 2021


You don't need to be knowledgeable about trading. All that is needed is to choose experienced traders and trust them without risks. A simple and straightforward platform will help you in this

Clear pay

Your manager aimed only on a persent of total income. Not your investment.

Become our agent

The agency program, on the one hand, allows Agents to earn money on attracting Subscribers for the RAM™-portfolio; on the other hand, interest is growing Manager, as the portfolio grows.

Better than bank deposit

Choose the percentage of profitability and the payment period yourself.

High profitability

Follow the results and choose among the best managers with a high level of profitability.

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