Managed investment portfolios

Share risks and increase personal capital with professional co-investor managers, whose fees directly depend on the profitability of management decisions.

Managed investment portfolios — this is collective form of investments in which professional manager defines strategy, forecasts and fulfills obligations to investors, each of whom has a profit share proportional to his contribution.

Financial planning and efficient investments is our spec. We offer private clients a wide range of investment strategies for common global markets.


Lock-down: 12 month

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Lock-down: 3 month

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Lock-down: 1-6 month

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Not clear enough?

— By investing funds in an individually selected portfolio, the Client purchases share of income from this portfolio. One investor cannot claim more than 33% of the income.

— Favorable situation in the stock market and successful actions of managers lead to an increase in the value of the portfolio.

— The difference between the cost of buying and selling a portfolio or share determines the result investments.

Why is it suitable for beginners


The potential income exceeds the rates on bank deposits and insures the level inflation

Withdrawal on time

Long-term projects and blockchain technologies allow us to meet commitments without delay.

No pressure

A partnership with understanding of interests. Make decisions and responsibilities consciously.

We minimize commissions

Individual distribution of the investment portfolio by different asset classes for achieving the optimal ratio of risk and reward.

Legible, legally binding certified documents

Warranties, conditions, liability and payout mechanics are available in portfolio documents.

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