Trading indices allow you to speculate on the economic strength of the largest business of a country or region. Indices represent the value of a basket full of stocks in a geographic or economic area. For example, FTSE 100 is the value of the top 100 trading companies on the London Stock Exchange.

Trade the news

Geopolitical and economic events have a great impact on indices.

High value

indices contain stocks of the largest companies, allowing you to trade their aggregate value.

Liquid Markets

Many movements in the price of indices provide many opportunities for mid-range traders.

Trade indices with Alfatrust

Indices offer you a great opportunity to trade by total value regional index without analyzing individual companies or stocks. Receive understanding the power of the stock markets while managing your potential common risk. The index value fluctuates depending on the states of individual companies in the real world. Economic news such how an interest rate freeze, inflation and rising spending can lead to an increase or decrease in the value of markets. In some respects, more large companies can influence the performance of a particular index due to their size and market dominance. For example, FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google) represent about 11% of the value S&P 500. CFD Trading indices are a great way to diversify your portfolio and take advantage of economic market trends and efficiency business.

Market Sentiment Analysis

Being aware of market developments is one of the most important factors financial trading. Do your research, keep your ears alert, and try to be one step ahead. Hear what traders have to say. Read important headlines in the trading platform and be among the first learns which direction the market is heading.

Examples of trading with Alfatrust

Example S&P 500

Buying 1lot S & P500 (SPX500) at a price 2589.90
Close at price 2790.90
Leverage 1:10
Required margin 1 × 2589.90 / 10 = $258.99
P & L (profit and loss) (2790.90 - 2589.90) × 1 = $201.00

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