Commodities. Valuable metals. Energy market.

Buy and sell precious metals such as gold and silver, crops as well as energy resources such as raw oil. Traditionally, commodities have been the domain of professional active trader. Commodity CFD trading has made this extremely interesting sector accessible.


Gold, silver and oil are common commodities, which makes them market behavior is more predictable.


Use precious metals, as well as energy resources for hedging your positions.


Precious metals are a safe haven asset and a hedge against losses in hard times of economic crises and geopolitical storms.

Trade in commodities consumption with Alfatrust

If you are considering the need to diversify your portfolio, trading Commodity CFD offers you a great opportunity. Unlike some financial products, we all know what commodities are. Gold, silver and oil are familiar and tangible, making them more understandable commodities for trade. Remember that world events have a strong impact for commodities, therefore unrest or conflict in the oil the country can lead to fluctuations in oil prices. Likewise, drought or other natural phenomena may affect the prices of crops or livestock. Commodity trading can be especially popular when other markets are stagnant or in decline. For example, when currency prices fall, commodity prices may rise, as their value rises against the currency.

Market Sentiment Analysis

Being aware of market developments is one of the most important factors financial trading. Do your research, keep your ears open, and try to be one step ahead. Hear what traders have to say. Read important headlines and be among the first to know which direction the market is moving.

Product Gold Silver WTI Oil Brent Crude
Spread 27 22 50 50
Shoulder 1:200 1:200 1:10 1:10

Examples of trading with Alfatrust

Example Gold

Buy 1 lot of gold (XAUUSD), Price 1293.60
Close Price 1323.60
Leverage 1:200
Required margin 100 / 200 × 1293.60 = $646,8
P & L (profit and loss) (1323.60 - 1293.60) × 100 × 1= $3,000.00

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